• Bring smart views to

    One Time Use surgical devices

    • Smaller incision, even non-invasive
    • Clearer visions
    • Safer because of one-time-use

  • About Us

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    WiseTek (Ningbo Wise OptoMech Technology Corporation) is a medical device company founded by a group of veteran entrepreneurs and professionals from Silicon Valley. We concentrate on developing disposable visualization systems with state-of-the-art technology and innovative product features. We strive to serve our customers to their full satisfaction by providing what they really need and releasing turnkey product/procedures for clinical use.

  • Products and Solutions

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    3D Miniature Camera System

    We have successfully developed 3D miniature systems for industrial and medical applications. We offer the smallest size stereo camera module with the highest resolution in the world, including corresponding micro lens and light source. Moreover, we are able to provide our own video platform and custom designs for the best possible, intuitive working in three-dimensional space.

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    2D/3D Chip-in-tip System

    Decreasing image sensors are allowing 2D and 3D chip-in-tip systems more popular in recent applications. In this context, the placement of image sensors always presents new challenges to our designs, such as the smallest possible objective lenses or thermal management. The development of small-size chip-in-tip module has been one of WisTek’s core areas of expertise since the company’s foundation. Combined with more than ten years experience in this area, we offer these systems representing one more benchmark for the entire industry.

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    Miniature Endoscopy Starting From 0.45 mm

    We offer micro endoscopes and customized camera systems starting at a diameter of 0.45 mm for special minimally invasive procedures. All endoscopes can either be sterilized or are available as disposable systems. These microsystems have opened up completely new possibilities in diagnostics and treatment – for example, through tiny natural ports like a tear duct.

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    Flexible Endoscopy/Borescopy Solutions

    Our steerable, flexible, and semi-flexible endoscopes and borescopes have been widely used in many applications for their outstanding performance, as well as for their wide variety of innovative features. Working channels, irrigation channels, light sources integrated into the handle, exporting video and images at the touch of a button, our 2D or 3D chip-in-tip systems are only a few examples. Specially mixed lighting fibers make defined spectral applications possible using flexible endoscopes.

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    Disposable Endoscopic Solutions

    Combining high-quality visualization systems and perfectly matched disposable components is the best choice for many fields of medicine. Today, WiseTek offers many disposable solutions that perfectly fulfill the latest regulations governing hygiene in hospitals. This is the only way to combine top image quality with economical use of resources. New ways of making sterile tools available and lower maintenance costs offer additional benefits and help reduce general cost pressure.

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    Mobile Solutions

    WiseTek is keeping pace with the trend of offering mobile solutions and offers sophisticated systems for the on-site inspection and documentation of facilities and production process components. These include lightweight, portable, and battery-operated videoscopy systems with a memory function, and also mobile light sources that can be combined with inspection light guides or standard borescopes to perform quick and cost-effective onsite checks.

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    LED Light Sources and Fiber Optics

    Lighting possibilities range from xenon to LED, regardless of whether they are built in close to the endoscope – for example, directly into the handle, into the camera module, or in a separate lighting unit. We can offer the right mixture and wavelength for every medical or industrial application. A wide range of our products – from standard fiber optics to complex, integrated light and data transmission cables – provide optimal lighting, even with smallest diameters.

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    Individual Customer Designs

    From simple color adjustments to customized enclosure designs on the basis of existing functional units – when it comes to individual customer design, almost anything is possible. Existing modules ensure that validation times remain short, which ultimately accelerates the time to market. Our long-term experience in this area makes faster product developments possible, even with a customized design.

  • Contact Us

    Ningbo Wise OptoMech Technology Corporation

    No.86, Building 11, Innovation Park 128, Qiming Road

    Yinzhou District, Ningbo, China